Upright Repair Kit

Upright Repair Kit

Revamp your rack system’s structural integrity with our upright repair kits!

Our repair kits are specifically designed to be hassle-free and cost-effective. Unlike traditional repair methods, our kits eliminate the need for labor-intensive upright removal and expensive sprinkler system breakdown and reassembly. Additionally, our bolt-in design means no welding is required, making it an easy task for any competent maintenance crew.

Our kits are suitable for almost any upright height and come in various types:

  • Standard Lower Repair Kit
  • Cantilever Lower Repair Kit: This kit includes custom beams for lower shelf use and prevents future damage at that location.
  • Single Column Rack Repair Kit: Install this kit almost anywhere in the upright, from 24 inches above the floor to the very top. It employs aircraft cable for tension and compression bracing and is available in lengths up to 144 inches.