Upright Repair Kit

Upright Repair Kit

Our upright repair kits will bring your rack system back to it’s original structural integrity!

These repair kits are designed so that there is no requirement  for the labor intensive removal of uprights during repair or require costly sprinkler system breakdown/re-assembly! These can used be used at almost any height in the upright. They are a bolt-in design which does not require any welding and can be completed by any competent maintenance crew!

types of repair kits:

Standard Lower Repair Kit

Cantilever Lower Repair Kit – This kit includes the custom beams to allow use of the lower shelf, and prevents all future damages at the location.

Single Column Rack Repair Kit – This kit can (usually) be installed anywhere in the upright from 24” above the floor to the very top of the upright. It utilizes aircraft cable for tension/compression bracing, and is available in lengths up to 144