guidance systems

guidance systems

Does your warehouse have a damaged rack due to lack of protection from an order picker hitting it, which then causes the product to be damaged which increases operating cost for product and/or rack repairs. Look no further because USSI has a solution for you!

A guidance system has a main function of protecting your rack from damage, but it also does so much more than just that for your warehouse including providing major paybacks to your company!

What is a guidance system?

A Guidance system protects the storage rack and merchandise from damage during order picker use. The system promotes efficient use of storage space by minimizing the size of access aisles. The guidance system allows the order picker to move quickly yet safely through the storage system.

The guidance system encapsulates the rack rows. This encapsulating material is thick angle iron anchored to the floor using friction anchors. Each row is equipped with rigid entries at the entrance of each aisle. A terminal rail is installed at the end of the rack rows between the entries. The terminal rails help distribute the forces that are experienced by the entries when an order picker enters the aisle.

The guidance system also allows order picker operators to travel horizontally and vertically without having to steer the order picker. This decreases overall travel time which reduces labor.

Below are some questions we’ve been asked before about our Guidance System and the responses we give!

  1. What are the advantages of implementing a fixed guidance system in my warehouse?
  • Order pickers can operate 1mph faster or 14% faster than wire guide 
  • Protects your rack from damage 
  • Ability to operate during a power outage
  • Improved pick times due to faster order picker speed
  • Helps with keeping the aisle free of debris/dirt that collects under your racking system which in return saves you cost on wheel wear, picker stability and overall efficiency
  • Reduces operator error when navigating aisles
  • Improves longevity of your order pickers 
  • Allows utilization of narrow rows to maximize the amount of racking in your warehouse

2. What are some paybacks directly related to adding a guidance system to my warehouse?

  • By allowing order pickers to travel 1mph faster – that adds to 1 miles of extra travel time for every order picker every hour which adds up quickly when taking into account hourly labor operationally over time.
  • Improves worker safety which will result in less worker compensation claims
  • Mitigates rack repair cost
  • Reduces wasted time traveling through the rows which translates to increased overall production which is directly related to you bottom profit dollar
  • Allows order picker operator to focus on travel fast to the rack shelf location without steering the machine

3. Why should I use a USSI Fixed Guidance System over a Wire Guidance System?

  • The fixed system is not affected by a power outage.  In a wire guidance system, the wire in the floor can be damaged and break as the concrete floor ages.  When the wire breaks, the order picker is no longer controlled by the guidance system, putting the operator, the machine, the rack, and the product in danger.  Wire guided systems require a wider aisle, which in turn causes the building to have to be larger to hold the same amount of rack storage.  The wire guided machines also have slower maximum speed, further reducing productivity.

Here’s a couple of FUN FACTS about our USSI Guidance System!

  • Our guidance system has a wear plate entry and that wear plate can be replaced when it is worn out by simply unbolting the old one and bolting in a new one.  The wear plate can easily be changed by a maintenance person in a matter of minutes without disrupting the operation of the facility.
  • We are constantly looking at ways to innovate our Guidance System so you can be sure you are getting the best system!
  • The USSI proprietary entries are designed as a wear plate to be easily replaced and can be flipped over to double the life of entry in the heavily impacted area