guidance systems

guidance systems

Guidance systems protect the storage rack and merchandise from damage during order picker use.

Why do you need a guidance system?

The system promotes efficient use of storage space by minimizing the size of
access aisles. The guidance system allows the order picker to move quickly yet safely through the storage system.

how does a guidance system work in your warehouse?

The guidance system selected for your operation will encapsulate your rack rows.

Each row should be equipped with rigid entries at the entrance of each aisle. Terminal rail should be installed at end of each rack row between the entries. The terminal rails help distribute the forces that are experienced by the entries when an order picker enters the aisle.

End stops should be installed in all aisles at the back of the warehouse. This helps prevent damage to the facility.

Guide rail should be set to match the outside dimension of the order picker guide rollers. These specifications are discussed in detail with your consultation.