Sprinkler Head Protection Cages

Sprinkler Head Protection Cages

Are you tired of experiencing product damage caused by accidental sprinkler head activation in your warehouse? We have a solution that can help!

Introducing Sprinkler Head Protection Cages: our custom-designed cages are crafted by our in-house engineering team and manufactured at our fabrication shop located near Atlanta, GA. By ordering directly from us, you can avoid extra costs associated with middlemen and potentially save thousands.

When sprinkler heads are damaged, the repair costs can quickly add up due to the high labor expenses and the cost of water-damaged products resulting from leaks or breakages. Our sturdy cages provide a barrier that prevents products from accidentally hitting sprinkler heads and damaging them during loading. It’s essential to always protect all exposed sprinkler heads to avoid costly repairs and product losses.

Sprinkler Head Protection Cages

What are the advantages of adding USSI Sprinkler Head Protection Cages to your facility?

Adding USSI Sprinkler Head Protection Cages to your facility offers several advantages:

  1. Minimizes the risk of damaging sprinkler heads: Sprinkler Head Protection Cages provide a physical barrier that helps prevent accidental collisions with sprinkler heads during loading and unloading. This reduces the risk of damaging the sprinkler head, which could result in costly repairs or replacement and, in worst cases, render the fire suppression system inoperative.
  2. Decreases the chance of accidental activation: In addition to preventing damage to the sprinkler heads, the cages also minimize the likelihood of accidental activation of the fire suppression system. This reduces the risk of costly repairs and product loss or damage resulting from water exposure.
  3. Offers a visual reference point: The protectors serve as a visual reference point, indicating the maximum height that products can be stacked on the shelving while still complying with fire code regulations. This helps ensure that the facility remains safe and up-to-code while also maximizing storage space.

In summary, installing USSI Sprinkler Head Protection Cages in your facility can help you avoid costly repairs, minimize product loss, and maintain compliance with fire code regulations.

How can a Sprinkler Head Protection Cage save you money?

Imagine this: As a product operator inserts items into a storage location, they inadvertently collide with the sprinkler head protection cage at an angle. Fortunately, the cage does its job, preventing damage to the sprinkler system. Without this safety measure, the sprinkler head could have broken, causing extensive water damage, product loss, and the need for costly replacements and documentation. Instead, the supervisor can simply inspect the cage, confirm its usability, or replace it with a relatively low-cost alternative.

The impact of a single sprinkler head failure can be significant, potentially harming hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory. The high-pressure sprinkler heads are designed to douse everything in the surrounding area, as well as anything located below them. By contrast, the cost of installing protective guards is much lower than the financial burden and emotional distress caused by a single instance of failure. Additionally, using such safety measures can provide peace of mind and alleviate concerns about potential accidents.

If you’re interested in safeguarding your warehouse with USSI Sprinkler Head Protection Cages, please contact us today!