Accessory Cubes

Accessory Cubes

Our Accessory Cubes are designed and engineered by USSI. These cubes are the easiest, most economical way to store accessories or small parts in the history of warehousing. This application provides a compartmentalized storage solution within the bays of your rack system to organize small items , as well as unboxed or delicately packaged items such as – small accessories, pillows and throw blankets.

Why You Need Accessory Cubes

Don’t worry – if you are not in the furniture warehousing industry – these serve a purpose for you too! These cubes are available in numerous sizes, designed to work in existing standard rack and do not require and additional sprinkler installation. These cubes fold flat for shipping and come partially pre-assembled requiring only a few cable ties to assemble and gives you an additional 1 or 2 shelf levels without any rack addition or modifications. If you don’t currently have these in your warehouse – keep reading!

What is the purpose of accessory cubes?

What problem is solved by implementing USSI Accessory Cubes in my warehouse?

Accessory cubes can be customized with a variety a shelf heights and quantity of shelves to accommodate the product being stored!