Accessory Cubes

Accessory Cubes

Our Accessory Cubes are the result of our design and engineering expertise, and they provide the most convenient and cost-effective storage option for small parts and accessories in the history of warehousing. 

These cubes are compartmentalized to fit perfectly into your rack system’s bays, offering an ideal storage solution for delicate or unboxed items, such as small accessories, pillows, and throw blankets. By implementing our Accessory Cubes, you can effortlessly organize your inventory and elevate the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

Why You Need Accessory Cubes

Rest assured, even if you are not part of the furniture warehousing industry, our Accessory Cubes can still be useful to you! They are available in a variety of sizes and designed to fit into standard racks without the need for additional sprinkler installation. These cubes are also conveniently collapsible, making shipping a breeze, and come partially pre-assembled, requiring only a few cable ties for final assembly. By using our Accessory Cubes, you can instantly add one or two shelf levels to your existing rack without any modifications or additional installations. If you haven’t yet incorporated our Accessory Cubes into your warehouse, keep reading to learn more about their benefits.

What is the purpose of accessory cubes?

What problem is solved by implementing USSI Accessory Cubes in my warehouse?

By implementing USSI Accessory Cubes in your warehouse, you can solve several problems related to the storage of loose, lightweight items that are difficult to stack or often lost in the flue space. Our Accessory Cubes compartmentalize and organize such items, thereby improving the storage and retrieval processes for small items and accessories. Additionally, our Accessory Cubes can be customized with shelves of varying heights and quantities to accommodate the specific products being stored. By utilizing our Accessory Cubes, you can optimize the storage space in your warehouse and elevate its overall efficiency.