Synergistic Partners


For many years, Speedrack has been a valued and trusted partner of USSI, providing innovative rack solutions that elevate our material handling systems to new heights. With a dedicated engineering department boasting extensive experience and expertise in rack systems, Speedrack collaborates closely with USSI to develop cutting-edge solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

One of the key highlights of our partnership with Speedrack is the creation of a unique and exclusive moment base design for cantilever racks, which significantly enhances system stability. Leveraging their profound understanding of rack engineering, Speedrack’s team ensures that every design meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

As an active participant in the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), Speedrack is committed to upholding industry-leading engineering standards for rack design and capacity. Their dedication to excellence is further exemplified by the implementation of a closed tube column for rack uprights, increasing torsional resistance by over 200 times. This innovative feature enhances the safety and reliability of our rack systems, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Speedrack’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond engineering excellence. Their responsive and dedicated engineering team provides exceptional support to USSI, promptly addressing our needs and collaborating closely to deliver superior designs and products to our customers. With two highly automated production facilities, Speedrack ensures efficient and timely production, enabling us to meet the demands of our clients effectively.

At USSI, we are proud to partner with Speedrack, a company that shares our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of material handling excellence, delivering unmatched value and performance to our customers.


We rely on trusted partners like Cornerstone to provide top-of-the-line rack decking materials that enhance the efficiency and performance of our warehouse solutions. One of our highly recommended products from Cornerstone is ResinDek, a cutting-edge material that revolutionizes the storage and retrieval process.

ResinDek sets the standard for rack decking with its exceptional properties, offering a coefficient of friction that’s half that of traditional particle board. This feature significantly improves the ease of storing and retrieving products, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing handling time.

In addition to its outstanding friction coefficient, ResinDek boasts superior resistance to water damage and the long-term effects of humidity. This durability ensures that your rack decking remains reliable and stable, even in challenging warehouse environments.

Cornerstone’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with USSI’s mission to deliver high-performance material handling solutions to our clients. By partnering with Cornerstone, we can offer our customers industry-leading rack decking materials that optimize their warehouse operations and drive business success.

At USSI, we’re proud to collaborate with Cornerstone and incorporate ResinDek into our warehouse solutions, providing our clients with the reliability, durability, and performance they need to excel in today’s competitive market.