Standard Rack

Standard Rack

USSI Standard Rack is used for storing heavier items such as – case goods, bedding, bed rails, area rugs,
KD cartons – anything heavy that requires the extra shelf capacity that our standard rack provides. The
design capacity is typically between 80 and 125 pounds per square foot. Standard Rack can be provided in almost any depth, height, and bay length to accommodate a variety of size products.

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What are the advantages of Standard Rack?

Why should you choose USSI Standard Rack over our competitors?

Our Standard Rack is constructed with a closed tube column for the upright legs rather than a c-shaped column which increases the durability of the legs which support the entire system and are typically more prone to getting hit than the other components. An example we like to use to demonstrate this is a drinking straw. If pressure is placed at the end of the straw, it will eventually buckle but if this same straw is slit end to end, the force required to make it buckle is much less than before.

Our standard rack is infinitely customizable – it can be less deep, super deep, short shelves, tall shelves and everything in between! It is compatible with our accessory cubes, shelf dividers, and other items to make your MHS system “YOUR OWN”! We even now offer an option for our standard rack called – Shelf Rollers – these can reduce the force required (coefficient of friction) by a factor of 7!

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