Cantilever Rack

cantilever rack

USSI Cantilever Rack is used for light weight items such as – upholstery. The design capacity is typically about 35 pounds per square foot for 44” deep rows but decreases as the depth of the rack is increased. Cantilever Rack provides a continuous, unobstructed shelf for the entire length of the rack row, making it optimal for long items such as upholstery. The weight of upholstery is rarely as much as wood items, so the lower capacity can easily accommodate the material.

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With a continuous shelf design, does product easily tip over?

Great question, but of course we have a solution! On shelf levels where tall items are stored such as upholstery stored on end, our USSI safety arms are installed on the end tower and on every third tower.  This prevents product from falling into the turning aisle as well as a potential ‘domino’ of product down the entire row if an item were to tip over.  USSI Netting is provided on the end of the rows as an additional safety precaution.

What are the advantages of Cantilever Rack?

Why should you choose USSI Cantilever Rack over our competitors?

The Cantilever Rack offered here at USSI is a unique design only offered by us – the racking experts! The “Moment Base” is a USSI exclusive design, and it provides a much more solid foundation for cantilever towers that the standard “Bolt On” two- piece bolt on arm style bases. This is very important when considering the height of a typical furniture warehousing system.

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