Our Mission

We partner with clients to provide transformational services and solutions to achieve operational excellence in warehousing and logistics.

Our Vision

To maintain and grow our customer family with integrity and a passionate pursuit of innovation that achieves world class efficiency.

USSI is proud to offer our clients

Easy solutions for a variety of material handling & operational needs

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who we are


USSI has 40+ years of experience providing engineering and consulting services to clients both nationally and internationally. We are committed to helping our clients meet not only current needs but the ever changing demands on the future.

Our warehouse efficiency solutions are designed to help you optimize your warehouse operations and improve your bottom line. We offer a variety of services, including warehouse design, layout and optimization, material handling and storage solutions, and warehouse management systems. We can help you create a more efficient and productive warehouse. 


We Serve

Our innovative solutions cater to a diverse range of sectors, including furniture retail, food and beverage, and e-commerce, meeting unique industry challenges with expertise and precision.

Food & Beverage

Trusted by the Food and Beverage industry, we provide advanced, safe material handling solutions tailored to the unique needs of perishable goods storage, backed by over 100 years of our team’s engineering and project management expertise.


As a pioneer in the e-commerce material handling sector, our company leverages 40 years of engineering experience to offer innovative, safety-centric solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity for e-commerce warehouses.


With over 40 years of leadership in material handling, our company provides expertly engineered racking systems that boost efficiency, proven by our longstanding success and commitment to creating lifelong customers in the furniture industry.

we are here to help

Your Success Is Our Focus


Whether it’s improvements to your existing facility, expanding your facility or looking to buy, lease or build a new facility, USSI can assist you in recognizing your operating shortfalls and provide recommendations suitable to your budget requirements.


USSI has provided design services in all capacities from Top 100 leaders in the retail furnishings industry to single location facilities. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best designs that look great and meet your expectations.


Opportunities for improvement in warehousing are abundant. As these opportunities are identified and improvements are implemented, substantial reductions in warehousing costs and increases in operational efficiency can be achieved.

Customer for Life

Embark on a Journey with Us

Join us at USSI and embark on an incredible journey towards becoming a “Customer for Life.” We’re not just here to offer products or services; we’re here to pave the way for your success. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride as we navigate the twists and turns together, uncovering the secrets to reaching unprecedented heights.

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We Are Hiring!

Our company is growing and we are looking for dedicated people to become part of the USSI family.  

"...a trusted partner integral to our success."
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