Here at USSI, we offer various types of carts that can save you time and money by implementing a fleet in your warehouse! USSI carts are specifically designed & engineered by our team here at USSI with our customers in mind! Our carts can be useful in several ways but most importantly, our carts provide a work platform for the order picker operator while moving merchandise into or out of storage locations. Significant productivity improvements can be achieved when our carts are used correctly. Our studies have proven carts can easily increase the volume of product moved per trip by 300% or more!

Our most popular carts that we offer is our Standard Furniture Carts and our Bedding Carts. We also offer the following options: Deluxing Cart (Mobile Repair Cart), Custom Cart, Mobile Mattress Display Cart and Mattress/Box Spring Cart. All options are an awesome addition to any warehouse!

Below you will find more information about our most popular carts!

Standards Carts

  • One single handle
  • Typically used in standard 60” wide aisles
  • Used in CPU to transport purchased items to the customer’s car
  • Used to transport case goods, upholstery, and other accessories from receiving area to rack
    storage and from storage to shipping area
  • Designed with a tow-hook and eye attachment to allow for tuggers to pull a chain of up to 8
    carts at one time

Bedding Carts

  • Primarily used for mattresses, bed rails, and other large items from receiving area to rack
    storage and from storage to shipping area
  • Typically used in wide aisles
  • Five movable tall handles to accommodate the handling of mattresses and bedding

How do our USSI Carts improve efficiency in your warehouse and save you money?

What makes our Carts different from other manufacturers carts?