Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers

In your current racking, do you have problems with items with a larger height to width ratio (ex: Mattress) tipping over? How about items putting pressure on other items in the bay making them difficult to pull out? 

We have a solution for you, SHELF DIVIDERS!

Many companies have taller narrow products that can easily tip on the shelf causing product to “domino” to one side of the shelf. When all product tips to one side of the shelf, then product can be damaged, and it requires moving multiple products to put or pick an item from the shelf. Shelf Dividers help prevent the product tipping which significantly reduces damage and provides for single selectivity of the product from the rack shelf.

What are the advantages of adding Shelf Dividers to your warehouse?

How do Shelf Dividers get installed into a rack shelf?

EASY! Dividers are secured into place with screws and BAM! You have better rack organization! Our Shelf Dividers come in small unit fits and high bay/large unit fits! Contact us today to see which fit you need and let us get you on the road to better organization that puts more revenue in your operation!

Our Shelf Dividers were designed and engineered by our team here at USSI with YOU in mind! They are manufactured by our Fabrication Shop located near Atlanta, GA! Shelf Dividers are available for both existing USSI storage systems provided to existing customers and also to companies who do not have a USSI racking system!

Before Shelf Dividers

After Shelf Dividers