furniture assembly & repair stations

furniture assembly & repair Stations

Many retailers import containers of unassembled furniture, set-up a product style assembly line and significantly reduce their finished cost on these items.

Many retailers perform limited assembly and minor repair in the pre-stage area. This limits movement of material and reduces congestion in the repair shop where more involved assembly and repair processes occur.

Staging of damaged items in the repair area should be limited to several hours’ worth or at most one day’s worth of work for the shop staff. All other damage should be stored in the rack area; however, less than 4% of the rack storage should be used for these items.  If this gets out of control, it will affect the prime inventory storage percentage.  To ensure these items are not forgotten, we recommend damage control, not-available-for-sale, and repair tracking programs be implemented.

If you wish to pursue this opportunity, discuss this with us! We have some ideas on how and where this could be performed.